March 31, 2014

Spring Cleaning!

Maybe I should be calling it More Winter cleaning cause Spring is just not coming here!

Every year I like to do a good spring clean around here, I mean who doesnt! I usually like to follow an online blogger or two on recommendations or lists of what to do but Im finding since we're moving a lot of the stuff is already done during the process of painting and cleaning up for listing our house! Right now Im really in a maintenance stage, but I do have some stuff left to do like cleaning under the sinks and cleaning out cupboards and such.

One big thing I like to do and feels really rewarding afterwards is cleaning out the fridge! I do it a couple times a year and yet I always manage to find a surprise in there. For example I just cleaned out my fridge and found that we had 2 mustard in there, both were expired for some time (we rarely use mustard)... who knew :S

Im glad I set out to do this before grocery day! Man was it ever dirty in there! Its funny how fast you can let it go in there! But I got it all nice and clean and now every time I open the door to get something I think how nice it looks! And Im sure anyone coming in to view the house is going to open the fridge to see inside since its included in the price.

Here's my after since I forgot to take a before! (Ignore the lack of food, its grocery day and we have a storm so I can't get out!)

Next up on my list is our laundry/storage room... and OY! Its a doozy in there... Stay tuned...

In the meantime I thought I'd share my favorite spring cleaning blogs:

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