March 13, 2014

Home Improvements: The Stairs.

Hello all! Its been a while but I'm finally back to blogging!

Been a busy few months around here but we are now in the final stages of fixing up our house to get it on the market this week so lots of exciting projects on the go! We had a list to tackle and I've been chipping away at the list for 2 months now. I have lots of before and afters to share, today Im going to share our journey with your stairs!

When we moved in (9 years ago) we had nice carpeted stairs leading to our upstairs. It started out all nice like this:

Now fast forward to 4 cats and 3 children later and its turned into this mess...

So I started out one day and wanted to see what was under the carpet. Was it a rounded step or not? To our surprise I discovered the floor was round and could be salvaged! I took 2 days (hey I have 3 kids!) to rip all the carpet on the stairs and take all the staples out. What a job it was! But I was left with this beauty!

So I spent a few days cleaning them up, Sanding them and getting them ready to stain. Once ready I started out. Again this was a few days worth of project become of drying time and our bedrooms being upstairs ;) I decided to do every other stair so we could at least still get up when we needed.

Another project I had to do was fill in the space between the stairs and the wall, so prior to staining I had to put Poly fill in and sand it down once it was dry. LONG job! lol But worth it, you can see the white here when I did it.

After the staining was done I was able to paint the risers white, as well as the handrail and balusters.

Once this was all done I was able to finish the painting. Painted the area Grey like the rest of the livingroom. And here is our finished product... (we're obviously still finishing the Newel Post, will be fixed this weekend, so ignore that!)

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