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Welcome to our home!

We purchased our 3 bedroom semi-detached home in 2005 shortly before we were married. We had the intent to live here for 5 years and then find out dream home. Now here we are 9 years later still in our starter home. We had a few kids along the way and with the decision to have three children and me to stay home with them, our forever home has been put on hold for one more year. We love our home, but we have outgrown it. Most of the photos below were taken when we had our house listed for sale so please ignore the lack of photos and such on the wall as I had taken them all down for staging. We have made many improvements the last few months so let me take you on a tour!

Front Yard (sorry this was taken in spring before things had sprung ;))

Here's an older pic to show foliage

As you come in the front door you come into the livingroom. This is our front entrance area

And the livingroom (photo taken from the kitchen angle)

Off the livingroom you enter our eat-in-kitchen!

Next to the Kitchen is a half bath (not the best pic, sorry!)

Next to the bathroom is the door to our basement. We have a half finished basement, its kinda the man cave where DH & the boys play their games and hang out. The other half is our storage room and laundry room. I dont have a photo of that right now, but its nothing glamorous to see ;)

Next we head upstairs! I recently refinished the stairs and am pretty proud of them so heres a photo  to show off! ;)

Top of the stairs you will find our bathroom! Its a smaller bathroom so the pics arent the best! First pic is before we replaced the mirror and lighting fixture but shows the room more

New mirror and lighting fixture (yes the same as downstairs!) You can see the reflexion of our shower curtain!

Next room is the boys room! Pretty simple, they share a room and have bunk beds!

Next room is Aria room!

Other angle before the carpet came out ;)

And finally we come to our bedroom! A work in progress! Its a pretty large room and has his & her closets not show in this pic ;)

And of course theres our backyard. I dont have any decent pics of the backyard where the toys arent all over the place but heres some older pics to show its size!

And our back deck, which now has a table and BBQ and more seating...

This is what it was like not too long ago ;)

So that's our home! Thanks for stopping by!

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