March 20, 2014

Fancy New Lawn Ornament!

So we got ourselves a fancy new lawn ornament today!

Yeah!! Our house is officially on the market!! Such an exciting day for us! We're really looking forward to the new journey we're on! Bigger and better home, cant wait for the boys to have their own space again!

Wanted to share a few pictures taken for our sale!

Front of our home


Eat in Kitchen:

Boys room:

Lemon's room:

Master Bedroom

Backyard (so hard to get a good shot when we have sooo much snow still!). Its large and fenced in and the snow just doesnt help us give it credit.

We havent finished cleaning out the basement yet, so no pictures yet of the family room down there. And no shots of the bathrooms as our agent doesn't post bathroom pics.

So thats it! We're on this journey, like it or not! lol Button actually cried when we got home and he saw the sign on the lawn. I think the whole process is confusing to him. I think once we find a place and can take them to show them they will be more excited and better able to understand.

So here we go! Lets hope this isnt too long of a journey!

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