March 14, 2014

Home Improvement: A little bit of paint!

Something I've really discovered lately while renovating is wow can a little bit of paint go a long way!

My style has changed a lot over the years but I really haven't changed much in our home to reflect this change. Main reason is probably because since becoming a stay at home mother we haven't had the money for many upgrades in style. But now in retrospect I had $30 here and there for paint! And what a difference a little paint could make!

I started the renovations with the boys room. Not much needed to be changed in there, but when we moved in the room was a light blue and it was perfect for our little boy once we knew he was a he ;) So its never changed. Lots of wear and tear on the room, including a few spots coloured by 2 year old London and 2.5 year old Lincoln.

So I went to Home Depot and looked for a similar colour to what they had, but a little darker. Ended up getting this really nice blue for them.

Took an afternoon and because it was only a little darker it only took 1 coat to finish their room! They were at camp that day and came home to a newly painted room! They enjoyed it a lot.

Best I could get of a before and after. Has made a big difference!

Now that it's done I wonder, why did this take me so long! I used money as an excuse but this nice little upgrade cost me $35 max... amazing!

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