February 20, 2013

Saving money

Yesterday I was doing something I regularly do that made me think, I wonder what things others do to save money.

Since becoming a stay at home mother 6 years ago, we've made a lot of sacrifices. Some are easier to do, some are harder. For example my husband and I, pre-children, used to eat out... a lot... like everyday practically. We just didn't even think about it. Now, we really have to restrict how often we eat out and try not to go out much at all!

So I thought I would put together my list of ways we save money around our house and ask my readers, how do you save money around your home?

1. Home Haircuts! This is what I was doing yesterday that made me think of how much money we save by doing this. I started out by realizing one day what a waste of money it was to take my son somewhere to shave his head. So after that day I went out and purchased a razor for $25 at Canadian Tire and haven't looked back since! Eventually I also went to Sallys and purchased a nice pair of scissors for my other sons hair, but between the two I maybe spent $40. Now this has lasted us over 2 years now and both are in great working condition still. At first it was just my oldest son, then moved on to my younger son, then my husband, now even my father! Even my sister in law was borrowing my clippers to do my nephews hair! So between the 3 men in my home and my father, who get regular cuts, I can only imagine how much money I have saved in the last 2 years. Now I don't cut my own hair yet, but I also only get my hair cut maybe once a year and my cousin is a hairdresser so I'm lucky enough to get a really good deal from her. I die my own hair now and I cut my own bangs when I have them. When Lemon is bigger I think I might cut her hair when needed (lol lets face it she'll be 5 before she needs her 1st haircut anyways, baldy!), with some guidance from my cousin and youtube ;) This has just been a great way to save cash around out home!

2. No Cable - Around the time my maternity leave ended with Button and I didn't return to work (so when he was almost 1) we cut the cable! I thought it was going to be really hard but honestly its not at all. Sometimes I get annoyed when I have to wait a day or so to watch a show, but really! I just tell myself get over it ;) First world problems here ;) Hubby downloads a lot of shows (I don't know how, I just tell him what I want to see ;)), I also watch shows online (on CTV, Global, etc.), and we also have Netflix, which has just been a godsend for the kids shows!!

3. Budget - Great way to know where your money is going is to make sure its all budgeted  We have followed Dave Ramsey for the last couple years. Now we're no where near perfect on this, but let me tell you, the months we don't budget or we don't stick to the budget, oy we feel it! I highly recommend his system to anyone and everyone!

4. Meal Plan and Make a List - Oh boy does this help! I really see how much money I save when I stick to the plan! Plus there's no "humm what should we have for supper?". When you go to the grocery store it helps to have a list and stick to it as much as possible. I also check flyers and try to meal plan around sales items to get a better deal!

5. Buy in Bulk - When I can I try to get commonly eaten foods and items in bulk at Costco! One thing I save on there a lot is cat food! I also regularly buy things like breads, juices, even milk is cheaper. Compare the prices and you'll notice a difference!

6. Purchase Generic - Again, when possible I try to buy generic items. I often find they're the same size and quality for a cheaper price!

7. Shop Sales - Whether is clothing or food, I always have my eye open for sales items I need. I also often purchase the kids clothes at the end of the seasons to get good deals! Last year I got all of Lemon's winter wardrobe for like an 8th the price of normal pricing! It was awesome!  I even got her winter coat for $4 at Old Navy! I know sometimes people say shopping ahead doesn't work for their kids but it always has for mine!

8. Consignment Shops - Another thing I recently discovered is our local consignment shop! I have been bringing the kids clothes there as they outgrow it and making some money off them! The clothes I brought in last Spring paid for most of  Lemon's birthday party! I have also been able to find clothing items there I need at a better price! I got Lemon some winter boots for $4.50 this year! I didn't want to get her new pricey ones since I knew she wouldn't be using them much since shes still so young!

So Those are just a couple of things we do to save money around our home. So now tell me, what do you do to save money?! Please leave a comment and tell me!


  1. I use most of the same money saving tips :-)

    Along the years I have learn that sometime homemade is not cheaper (have to consider the cost and the time and effort put into making something from scratch before jumping in)

    Couponing is the same, you can safe if you use them with items you would normally buy and use them while the product is on sale!

    Other tips, eat home, wear wool socks and reuse whatever can be reused :-)

    Have a great evening Sophie

    1. Thanks for the tips! I have a hard time with couponing, I tried to get into it but couldnt. I do save ones for products I actually already buy, love a good deal when I can get one!

  2. I am right there with you. We do these things as well. :) Nobody knows money saving tips like a SAHP. A couple of other tips are to make casserole type meals, as meat, etc. goes a lot further that way. Also, if you like to entertain but feel like it's too costly you can always host a potluck. Another thing we try to do here is only use the credit card if it can be paid back within the month. You don't need to be a slave to all the interest payments. I know that emergencies happen but if you can stick to this overall it will save you a lot of money.

    1. Hosting a potluck is a great idea for having friends over! Thanks! Sometimes my friends and I will do this for girls night!