February 28, 2013


I recently saw this photo all over facebook and I just thought it's awesome!

Sometimes you just need to hear what a good mom you are, or what a good job you're doing. I really needed this lately! So I said to myself "Im making one of these!" and I did!!

First step I layed out the words I wanted on my Cricut, then I cut them out on Vinyl!

 I purchased a canvas at the dollar store for $2 and once I had all the lettering done I layed it out on my canvas and rubbed the letters down well...

Since purple is my favorite colour I went with purple paint and painted the entire canvas (2 coats)

When it was dry I pealed off the vinyl to reveal the final project!

I decided to hang it on the wall beside my bed. Something to look at when I need to take a mom-moment to myself, and also to see before and after bed as a reminder, if nothing else, I am a good mom!

(Ignore the wall colours, we sooo need to paint ;))


  1. love it, you did a great job :-) and purple is one of my daughters favorite color so when she saw those picture she asked "mama make me one of those " hehe!