May 2, 2014

New Themes!

Hey Friends!

I'm working on posting more often on here and as such I thought it might be a good idea to post more based on themes during the week. Here's what I've come up with 

Mommy Monday - Parenting Talk! Whats going on with the kids!

DYI Tuesday - How-to posts for home improvement, crafts, kid ideas.

Recipe Wednesday - Share some recently tried Recipes and how they've worked out!
Throwback Thursday - Post an old picture or experience and talk about it . 

Fashion Friday - Share Fashion ideas from the week, beauty tips, etc. Whether for myself or the kids!

Home Improvement Saturday - Organizing, Cleaning or General Home Improvement tips for the week

Sunday Supper - Share some meals from the week!

I'm hoping to post daily but I'm sure with the kids I may miss some days. I'd also like to start Vlogging more often. Its something I've attempted a couple of times but just end up forgetting about and deleting after a few days. So in an attempt to post more vlog videos I can also make a video based on the themes and post it on my youtube channel located here - SimplySophieVlog

So look forward to more posting and more Vlogging this coming week!

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