May 9, 2014

Fashion Friday - Toddler Style

Little something different for Fashion Friday - Its Toddler Fashion Friday! lol

Lemon has really taken to dressing herself these days! Most days I try to suggest something but she usually dresses herself. This means a lot of mismatched socks (which is strange since I match the socks in her drawer ;)) and leggings with none matching dresses. But its cute none the less ;)

Here are two of her latest fashions!

Yellow Flower Dress from Carters, Gold & White polka dot leggings from Old Navy. Unseen mismatched socks and her Silver and Pink Sneakers. Her hair was in a pigtail she took out just before the picture!

And todays fashion! Teal Dress from Old Navy, Striped leggings from Carters and her fav. sneakers of the moment. Double Pigtails (Piggys as we called them) to complete her park look!

This is such a fun age where she chooses her own style and really coming into her own! I'm just having so much fun with having a little girl! Can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

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