August 6, 2012

Pom Pom decor!

Hey everyone! I've been working on some cute Pom Pom Decor I just had to share! Its a cute DIY project that is super cheap and easy to do which can easily brighten up any room or party!

I've done a couple projects now but my latest is for my daughter Lemon's 1st birthday party! My first project was to have some puff to hang up at the party as an easy and cheap decor option. 

All you need is: 

  • Tissue paper from the dollarstore 
  • Wire from the dollarstore (I use invisible, stretchy jewelry cord as I had some here from making necklaces) 
  • And a pair of scissors!
Now here comes the easy step by step guide ;) 

Lay out the tissue paper flat and begin from one end to the next folding like an accordion

Wrap a Floral Wire around it in the middle (This photo was before I used the invisible cord, I switched to that cause it was easier and worked better!)

Cut the top and the bottom in a half circle

Now, very gently and delicately separate each layer, they rip easily so be careful!

Fluff each later so it is round. Then I used a large needle and clear thread to go through the layers in the middle so I could hang it.

I don't have any photos from the party yet as it hasn't happened yet, but I will share the ones I made for her bedroom so you can see them in action! Then make sure you come by my blog to see the end result in a few days!!

 Using hooks installed in the ceiling I hung the pom poms up! And Voila! My Baby girl has an easily decorated room! Total cost for this project was under $5!

Now, while searching on Pinterest I also found an adorable way to make owl pom poms (her birthday theme is owls!). So I thought they would be super cute on her desert table. Again I don't have final pictures on the table as they party hasn't happened yet, so make her you drop by my blog for an updated picture!

Now for supplies you need

  • Tissue Paper from the dollarstore
  • Styrofoam Balls from the dollarstore
  • Floral Wire (again I used invisible jewelry cord I have left over)
  • Some felt (which I had left over from previous projects)
  • Scissors
  • And a glue gun!
Start out by cutting the tissue paper in half width wise so they're not too large. Set one aside, and then with the other begin to fold accordion style again and then put tie the cord around the middle tightly!

 Now cut the sides, this time I decided to try cutting into triangle shape instead of rounded

Then fan out the side and begin to slowly and carefully pull the pieces apart, again being super careful as they rip easily!

When the whole project is puffed up, find the middle and flatten them down so you have a flat spot for the head:

Now take a piece you set aside and  fold it in half, then place the Styrofoam ball in the middle and wrap it around the ball

(ack ignore my nailpolish! It needs to be fixed badly!)

Next take another piece you set aside and cut out some wings and ears. Then get the felt and cut out some eyes and a mouth!

Now all that's left to do is use your glue gun to put everything together!! Glue the head in place, then attach the wings & ears, then finally the face! and Voila! An owl center piece for the table!

Total cost for this project was about $4!

Hope everyone enjoyed reading this easy DIY project and has fun making your own! 


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