August 19, 2012

Coconut Oil

A few days ago on Pinterest I saw a pin about getting soft silky hair and I had to check it out. I'm at a terrible stage post-pregnancy where my pregnancy-thick hair is now all fallen out and I have terrible regrowth going on. Its also super dry and breaking easy. I anxiously opened the pin to see what this miracle cure was!

Coconut oil! "Humm that's simple enough!" I thought. Stored it in my brain for my next grocery trip. This week I grabbed some from the store, $6.99 a bottle, not bad since it will last quite a few applications!

So here's what you do, open the bottle, flip your head upside down, then take a big handful and spread it through your hair. It kinda melts from the warmth of your hands so don't take too much you can always add more.  Work it through your hair and down to the tips (oh my poor tips needed it bad!). When your hair is coated take it into a pile and clip it on the top of your head.

Now you can do 1 of 2 things, put on a shower cap and put the hairdryer to it for about 15 minutes, or let it sit for 30 minutes. Since I had other stuff I had to get done (hey, I'm a mother, I'm always multi-tasking!) I decided to just let it sit while I finished folding my laundry ;)

After half hour, hope into the shower and wash like normal. I did read it could take 2 shampoos to really get it all out, this is what I had to do, then condition, dry & style as normal. 

Now my 1st day I wasn't so sure what to think. It was certainly nicer looking, smoother, my frizzys were MUCH better, but it was a little greasy looking. I had a busy day so I just threw it in a ponytail (as usual) and went on with my day.

Today I did my mom stuff in the morning and by lunch decided it was time to shower again! I just washed and  dried it and amazingly I didn't even NEED to straighten my hair, I'm usually a big puffy mess if I don't. I did straighten it some, but I was relieved to see I didn't NEED to!

Now brilliant me forgot to take before pictures, but trust me, there's a huge difference! Its so shinny and healthy looking! I'm sold!

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