April 13, 2016

New Furniture!

Its been 11 year since we moved into our home. In that time we got 4 cats and 3 kids, so to say out couches had lived their lives would be an understatement. We'd been talking about getting new couches for a year or so but hadnt quite found one we liked. Towards the end of Jaimes illness our couch had begun to fall apart. The stuffing wasnt cutting it enough for his back and we had to get him a lazyboy chair to help with his back pain. The couch itself got much worse for the ware the last few months, the side had ripped open and just kept getting bigger and bigger.

After Jaime passed, I decided enough was enough and I went couch shopping! I caught a great sale and got both pieces for less than I had planned. I had originally wanted to get a sectional but was scared to get one before moving and knowing what space I would have in a new home. So I decided to just go with a Sofa but once at the store the sale was so good I got the Loveseat too! It took 3 weeks to get here but finally its here and its BEAUTIFUL! lol

I dont love how Jaimes chair matches but the kids love his chair so its not going anywhere! I also havent gotten around to taking down his Deadpool poster and hanging it in the basement for the kids lol

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