November 13, 2012

Front Entrance Revamp! pt1

I recently just got sick of my Front Entrance. Its a small space and between four kids, 4 cats and two adults, its constantly a mess. Last year I tried to encourage the kids to hang up their bookbags andcoat by attaching 3m Command hooks. It worked well enough for a while, and then Lemon the destructor came along and ripped them off the wall.

Thanks to Pinterest I have had a few ideas pinned on how to solve this issue. Recently I started with measurements to figure out what I had to work with and where to go. I came up with a plan and headed to Home Depot! I found all the materials I needed and even got the guys there to cut the wood to the exact measurements I needed! Came home and put it all together!

Here is the before of the area... (older pic as you can see a baby seat shes been long out of :S)

I need to get a little more white paint and would like to hang a message board of some sort on top, so Im calling this Front Entrance Revamp pt 1! But here is my finished project! Total cost was $36 so far!

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