September 22, 2016

Little Bit of Red

There's been a lot of changes to our new home since my last post! Look forward to more posts to come with the renos we've done.

First up I wanted to post a little update on the outside of our home! I haven't don't much yet as far as cleaning up the bushes and such, but I wanted to start with making the front door more welcoming! Our Original front door was white, but was chipping all over! Anyone who knows me well knows I love a nice painted front door. I've always wanted to do bold colours but in our old home because its a semi-detached, I HAD to keep the same boring green colour.

For this home I'm limited because the siding is a light blue colour. If it had been white I may have been more daring or bold, but I had to pick something that would look nice with the siding. So I quickly decided a nice bright red would look nice! I headed to Shermin Williams to get a couple sample colours, then came home and checked Pinterest to see the colours I liked best to see how it looks on a door or larger space than the little samples.



After checking a few sample shades out, I settled on Positive Red! What a great omen to choose a shade with the name Positive in it! I also read online that the Chinese consider red to be a lucky color and that in feng shui, a red door symbolizes the mouth of the home allowing chi to be drawn to the house. So a red door basically welcomes people into your home, which is exactly what I would like a door to say ;)

The weather finally cooperated and I was able to spend the day painting the door. Took a few coats to achieve the shade I wanted. It's far from perfect but its an improvement and I love it so much already!

Midway Through Painting

The real problem I ran into is that I purchased a new lock and handles but had the worst luck trying to install them! I just couldn't make it work! So I decided to just put the old ones back on until I could get someone to help me, then couldn't get those back on either. This isn't the first time I've replaced these I quickly got frustrated and the tears came lol. I sat it could for a few minutes then called in some reinforcement! A friends husband quickly came by to rescue me and install the new deadbolt and door handle. Now its perfect! I'm so lucky to have good friends in my life to help me out!

I'm so pleased with the final result! It's bold and welcoming, just as I had hoped it would be! Come on in! You're Welcome here!!

Now on to the next project!

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