August 29, 2014

Family Friday - Day at the beach!

Sorry I've been so lacking on posts lately. This end of the summer stuff is kicking my butt! Ive only had energy to post Vlogs lately!

Yesterday we spent some time at the beach. As I mention in my Vlog, one of my favorite things about where we live is that we live about 20 minutes from the beach! So one a long day we can always just hop in the car and head to the beach, no real planning required! So yesterday it was supposed to be a rainy day. I kept the car just in case. We lucked out! by 10am it was still sunny and no dark clouds in sight, so I packed them up and off we went.

Our first stop was the Giant Lobster in Shediac, NB. Local Tourist attraction ;)

Then we went right for the beach! The kids had tons of fun exploring and building sand castles!

Overall Aria was not a huge fan of sand, she hates feeling dirty lol. But they all had a ton of fun! I was even able to just lay around and relax, watching them play around!

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