January 23, 2013

Something New for our household!

We've had a lot of trouble with our middle son and his sleeping and behaviour problems. Our doctor had put him on Melatonin 2 years ago to get him to sleep and for 2 years I’ve been trying to get more answers because weaning him off it wasn't helping him sleep and I didn’t want this to be a long term solution for my son. My new family doctor didn’t have any answers for me but after discussing his melatonin use with a pharmacist she decided she wasn’t comfortable with him continuing using it and advised me to try visiting the Naturopathic Doctor.

Almost two weeks ago we finally we're able to go. He sat with me for a good 45 minutes asking questions and discussing my son and his history. Then he told me he suspects that he has a Dairy Intolerance. We discussed things some more and came up with a plan for Bear.

So now I am embarking on a whole new life. I have counted myself lucky for having three healthy, happy children. When I listed to other parents talk about their childrens allergies and the things they needed to do I counted my blessings! Now here I am trying to adjust our eating habits! Bear is a big cheese eater! This is going to be hard!

I’ve been scouring the internet now for recipes and more information. In the meantime, we’ve been about 12 days relatively dairy free (he did have some at a party, which majorly blew up in my face! Bad idea!). His behaviour has been remarkably better! The Sleep is finally getting there! Last night I was able to get him to bed by 7:30pm!!! If you knew him, you’d know what a miracle that is!!! 7:30pm!! A sweet joy!

Now here we are on our new journey! A dairy free journey for Bear!

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