July 19, 2012

How did this happen!

Yesterday while I was trying to prepare a meal I had to dig through my casserole dishes to get to the one I needed. I stopped and looked around and thought, wait how did this happen! What a mess!  So it was put on my to-do list for today! Must fix up this cupboards!

So while Lemon napped today I set out! They started like this:

Supposed to be my tupperware cupboard 

Eek! What a mess!

And now my after photos:

This is going to be so much easier to get to! I even finally put my lid organizer to work! lol I bought it months ago and it had nothing in it all this time! Now I feel much better that Ill be able to just reach in and get what I need, without making an even bigger mess!

Next up - My lazy Susan and Pantry! But my little miss is now awake, so they'll have to wait! Stay tuned!

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