January 14, 2012

Reorganizing toys...

After Christmas I noticed that we had all these new toys and no where to put them, especially toys for Lemon! We had to make room for her stuff too! During the day I watch my 3.5 year old nephew (hes 5 weeks younger than Bear) so I have 3 boys, who have 3 different things they're into, so purging toys has been difficult lately. I look at things and thing, well Button doesnt play with this, but Bear and Seth do, etc... So in order to accomodate 3 boys toys, plus a little lady's toys, I had to brinig the shelf from the boys room down to the living and brought more toys down here. Its going to keep their room more clean as well cause they have less toys up there to mess up with.
Boxing day sales brought good sales, Zellers had a 50% off coupon which I clipped and managed to pick up a shelf on sale for $39, with taxes I paid $25 and saved $45!! Sadly they only had white so I got it for the boys room, it works! I still need to purchase some baskets for the shelf in the boys room, but for now, this will do...
So here is the boys room new set up!

Now for the livingroom, its still a work in progress... I need to get some new pictures printed for the wall above here. I'd love to get all new baskets that match better, but ya, thats a long shot right now to save money ;) These unmatched ones will do for now!

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