July 29, 2011

Things I will miss, things I won't....

This is my final pregnancy so Im trying to really enjoy every minute of it. Here I am a day late for baby girl and while I'm feeling very done with my pregnancy and ready to meet my daughter (FINALLY!), I am also still trying to soak up every minute of this cause I will never experience it again. So I thought Id make myself a list of all the things I wont miss about being pregnant, as well as a list of the things I will miss!

Things I won't miss about being pregnant:

1. The Heartburn - Oh God the heartburn! Ive been downing tums for months now! I get up at least once a night to pop a couple more! Im so over it!
2. Getting up multiple times a night to pee - More than that, I hate getting up cause I need to pee and then I end up barely peeing anything. Feels like such a rip off lol. I never had this with the boys
3. Not being able to get comfortable in bed - I was good for a long time but man is my belly huge now! I use a body pillow just to get comfy in bed and now its getting harder and harder to roll from side to side in bed and get comfy again. We need a king size bed!
4. Being asked the same questions over and over - Yes Im glad people care and want to share in my pregnancy but man it gets old getting asked the same thing over and over. Especially people and their assumptions about how happy I must be to be having a girl. Yes Im thrilled to have a daughter, but thats not to say I wouldnt have been thrilled to have another son as well!
5. Head wedged in my vajayjay - Ya I dont think I need to explain this one ;) It's so uncomfortable! Hard to walk, hence the early waddle! The boys only turned head down late in my pregnancies, especially Button, so I didnt know pain like this ;)
6. The weight gain - My lord I have never been this big before. I havent put on as much weight this pregnancy, however I started this pregnancy a good amount of weight larger than the boys pregnancies... so ya Im feeling huge and Im sooooo ready to just loose all this weight and feel normal again!
7. Lack of bladder control - Lets face it, cause I sure have, this is my third pregnancy and I have lost a lot of my bladder control! I have peed myself a couple times this pregnancy! Mostly from laughing at Button or Bear, once really bad. Whatever, it happens... right ;)
8. Back Pain & Foot pain - Probably from all the weight gain ;) But ready to just not be heavy anymore so I dont feel this pain!
9. Restless Leg Syndrome - Omg what a pain the BUTT it is!! You really have to have had it to know how bad and annoying it is.  Thankfully it goes away as soon as I deliver, so come on baby! lol
10. Being late - Officially referring people to This Website

So more importantly, Things I will miss about being pregnant:

1. Movements - Feeling movements is one of the coolest things ever! Especially in the beginning. At this stage it's kinda weird but fun, I can feel where her butt and legs are and she moves all the time! Its awkward, but fun! Sometimes I just lay in bed and watch my belly dance. Its also fun at places like the movies, fireworks and places with loud music. She either loves it or hates it cause it makes her dance like crazy!
2. Ultrasounds - There's something just so fun about ultrasounds! Getting to see your baby at different stages and watching them grow. I was lucky to get 4 ultrasounds this time, so Ive been baby girl a few times now and loved it! I think she looks like Bear in her 3D Ultrasound, so can't wait to see what she looks like in person.
3. People being helpful - People love to help out a pregnant lady ;) From opening doors to offering to do things for me, sometimes its nice not to do everything for yourself!
4. Pregnancy parking - Who doesnt love having a spot close to the door ;) Especially with older children to drag along as well!
5. Having a belly - I just love having a cute belly! Feels good in tight or loose clothes.
6. Maternity jeans - Spin off from the belly, I love the new mat jeans! Theyre so comfy! So much better than other jeans, especially cause it means when you bend over your love handles are covered lol
7. Cravings -  I love having an excuse to give into my cravings and indulge in foods... I mean not that I dont give in when Im not pregnant, but hey at least I have an excuse.
8. Getting ready - From preparing her room to getting together her clothes, its fun! I love shopping for pink & purple, I love getting headbands and matching accessories... I can see how shoes are going to be a problem in the future for me lol
9. No Period - Oh how Ill miss this. Its so nice to go 9 months without a period! lol Really hoping with breastfeeding it wont come back for a while!
10. Not having to share her - Pretty soon Ill have to share her with everyone! Right now shes all mine ;) Although I am very much looking forward to seeing her brothers with her! They are so excited for her arrival!

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