May 19, 2011

Laundry/Storage Room Clean out

So I sadly forgot to take a before picture of this, but then again I think Id be too embarrassed to post it! It was that bad! Our city has a Spring Clean up once a year where they take the big stuff you can/dont usually put out with your garbage. Problem with ours is that its the same week as Bear's birthday, so for the last three years we havent been able to do a big clean up/declutter & put anything out (Year 1. I was too pregnant/having him, Year 2 & 3 were same weekend as his party) so for 3 years we're been sticking these items in the laundry/storage room and its just gotten WAY over crowded in there!

This year the clean up was a week earlier so we were able to leave the boys with my mother in law for the day and get a full day of cleaning in! We managed to GUT OUT the laundry room! And I truely mean that! By the end of the day, between this room (mostly) and the rest of the house we had about 1/4 to 1/3 of our lawn full of stuff :S I was just praying no one we knew would drive by before it was taken away! We still have a few things to go through (*ahem* Jaime does) and I still have a couple baby items down there waiting to be washed and cleaned up for baby girl's arrival!

We want to create a laundry station and I'd also like to create some sort of hanging storage for seasonal coats type of thing & a shoe rack for seasonal shoes we aren't using or for once Button has outgrown them but Bear doesn't need them yet kinda thing.... But here is what we have to work with now!

And to think, before we couldnt see the floor :S

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