March 2, 2010


This past week Button and I set out on an adventure and we made pretzel! I used the recipe from here.

Here is the dough rising

Showing how to make the pretzel

Button trying to make his own! Cute little success it was!

Going into the oven!

Looking good coming out! YUMMM!

Button trying out his masterpiece
So it was a great success here! Kids really seemed to enjoy them. It made a HUGE batch! I made 24 large pretzels. I think next time Ill try it with half the recipe and and I might try it with white flour. I usually bake with whole wheat for the boys but I just cant eat whole wheat myself, the smell makes me gag. So Id really like to try it out too with white flour so I can try it ;) I might also buy some sea salt for the salt on stop. YUMMY! lol Go try it out for yourself!

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